Wednesday, 14 December 2011

The “European Chamber Music” Logo Competition

            Logo 1                                                                        Logo 2

        Logo 3                                                                          Logo 4
       Logo 5                                                                            Logo 6    

      Logo 7                                                                         Logo 8   

The objectives of this competition are :
Italy , SpainTurkey, Latvia and Lithuania.
We have just begun, and we would like to have our own image different from other previous Comenius Projects. Remember that the objective of the project is the cultural exchange between different European countries focused on music.

1.      Teachers choose 50 students to vote for the best Logo.
2.      Logos made by Polish students will be published on the European Chamber Music Blog.
3.     Each student can vote for only one logo.
4.     Each logo will be marked by a number and students will vote for the number.
5.    School coordinators will be responsible for sending the results of voting to the Polish coordinator .The result report should be written according to the following pattern:

Logo number

6. The fact of participating in this contest supposes the total acceptance of 
these rules.


Anonymous said...

Noi abbiamo fatto la nostra scelta! ci piace di più il numero 4.Complimenti a tutti i lavori!
We made our choose! we like number four!
With the compliments for all the works!

Anonymous said...

l'anonimo è Vincenzo e Mariella! from ITALY

European Musıc Chamber said...

Turkey also chooses number four. Thanks for the great works.

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